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How we can help                                              

Whether you are a large or small company, ProShare can assist you by:

  • providing information on the different employee share plans available. Our fact sheets describe the various HMRC approved plans that are available, together with the most commonly used unapproved arrangements
  • providing initial guidance and practical assistance to help you identify and determine the type of plan that best meets your objectives
  • giving you access to and putting you in touch with a raft of professional advisors and administrators who can assist you in plan design, implementation and ongoing administration. See list of members
  • giving you access to companies who have faced similar experiences so that knowledge can be pooled and shared
  • providing training and workshops for employee share plan practitioners and professionals.  These cover the fundamentals, establishing employee share plans, developments affecting UK employee share plans, global issues and other hot topics

We work closely with:

  • companies, service providers and advisers to promote best practice in designing and operating employee share plans

  • our members and Government to improve the legal, fiscal and regulatory landscape in which employee share plans operate so as to promote responsible employee share ownership 

We also undertake research in support of our lobbying activities and with a view to enhancing the understanding of the benefits of employee share plans and share ownership.

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