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New to Employee Share Ownership (ESO)?

Many employers believe that where employees have a stake in their company's success, they will be more motivated and positive about their work, and that this will in turn benefit the company. Such employers implement share plans to allow their employees to become partowners of the company, alongside any founder and external investors. Research evidence does show a positive connection between employee share ownership and company performance.

Employee Share Plans take two main forms:

  • Plans in which a relatively small number of key employees may participate, often called discretionary or executive plans; and 
  • Plans in which all or most employees may participate, often called tax advantagous plans. 

In the United Kingdom, tax incentives are available for both discretionary and all-employee plans under HMRC "Approved" self certification process.

Based on HMRC statistics in July 2013 we estimate that there are currently over 12,800 companies in the UK with Tax Advantaged Employee Share Plans which offer tax benefits both for employers and the employees who participate. In addition, there are "descretionary" plans (i.e. without tax benefits) offered by both listed and non-listed companies.

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