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The Human Impact of Employee Share Ownership

Thousands of companies in the UK offer some form of HMRC approved employee share plan and more than 2 million employees are currently saving and investing in such plans.

New research into the human impact of employee share ownership was published by the University of Loughborough in September 2012.

This research makes a number of positive conclusions about the effects of share ownership on employees attitudes and behaviours.

The four year study shows that those who participate in an all-employee share plan are more motivated and committed to their employer; are more likely to produce better quality work; more likely to consider the cost implications of their actions at work; and better able to manage their finances as a direct result of being an employee shareholder.

Half of employees also said that participation would ensure they remained with their current employer for longer.

The research also found that many employees would not have bought shares if they were not given the opportunity to participate in an employee share plan.

The research results demonstrate the positive human impact employee share ownership can have and are even more remarkable when you consider the data was obtained and surveys conducted between 2008 and 2010 when share price performance was highly volatile and often depressed.

This research was commissioned by BT, PwC and ProShare (the voice of the employee share ownership industry) and took quantitative data from 1,500 participants in an HMRC approved share plan at numerous companies in various sectors of the economy. It also includes over 50 hours of one-to-one interviews.

Click here for the Executive Research Summary or click here for the Full Research Report.


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